Scagnetti Fine Jewellers was first established in Rome, Italy in 1988, by master jeweller Adriano Scagnetti, Who was taught on a one to one basis apprenticeship with a former workshop foreman of Bulgari. In 1996 the family migrated to Perth, Australia and re-opened their store in Napoleon Street, Cottesloe. In the past 23 years, Scagnetti Fine Jewellers has established itself as a leader in the manufacturing and designing of fine handcrafted jewellery. By incorporating old techniques of craftsmanship as well as modern technology, our award-winning jewellers create unique pieces using only the highest quality materials.

Scagnetti Fine Jewellers specialises in handcrafting, a skill that has been handed down through generations. We have a fully equipped workshop, which allows our jewellers to incorporate a variety of techniques, including wax carving, soldering, hand forging, and polishing. All our jewellery is produced at the highest quality, with impeccable attention to detail and finished by hand.